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Welcome to the Rugby Agents, the online database that connects players/coaches and clubs and acts as a vehicle for players and coaches to travel and sample other rugby cultures and further their rugby careers! It also allows clubs to hand pick the best available players for their rugby club with terms and conditions that they are comfortable with!

The site essentially allows players to act as their own agents and saves time needlessly searching for a club, the clubs that appear on a search will only be those actively looking for players for that season! This will save clubs and players hours of searching and make the whole process more efficient and easy!
You simply fill in your profile with terms and conditions that meet your requirements and allow players/clubs to contact you, alternatively you can search for clubs/players from anywhere in the world.

Please ensure that with your profile as a player you must have references; please ensure that your profile is as accurate as possible to ensure that clubs are getting the player that they see on paper. Video evidence is always a very effective way to illustrate your strengths!

Clubs should also ensure that checks are done through references to ensure that the players are of the standard that you expect, remember you are in charge of the players that you recruit, therefore take time to look through playing CV’s and references to get the best player for you!
The website provides you with a platform to contact each other, however we also send out fortnightly e-bulletins with player and club details and information about players and clubs on our social Media platforms (facebook and twitter). This service will be supported by Akuma Rugby, deals for any playing kit or leisure apparel will also be fed through these systems.

Good luck!


Wouter van den Berg - I joined The Rugby Agents site looking to play rugby abroad especially in the UK. Within a couple of weeks I had enquiries coming from all over world. I was fortunate enough to be contacted from Newport Salop RUFC they offered me a great package (Flights, accommodation and work). I want to say a big thank you to The Rugby Agents for helping find a club.

John Reyes - I uploaded my own CV to the Rugby Agents website, within 3 days I had been contact by a club in Spain. Within 10 days I was on a plane, they helped me secure a place with the New Zealand Rugby College in Spain and I scored on my debut for my new club. Thanks Rugby Agents.

James Curgenven - I have played a very good level of rugby but I just could not afford my own agent. So I decided to upload my profile to The Rugby Agents. I have now secured a club in Australia and leave in March 2014. This is a great platform to help promote players like myself and it only cost £5.99 a year.

Featured Players

Mat Halbwachs

Positon: Back Row Forward
Country: France
Age: 25
Achievements: ...


Positon: Loose Head Prop
Country: Fiji
Age: 32
Achievements: ...

Jack Blakeney-Edwards

Positon: Flyhalf
Country: United Kingdom
Age: 19
Achievements: ...